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Hustadvika 2.0

Our thick wool underwear in 100% merino wool, knitted with our unique knitting method. The knitting method means that the woolen garments breathe much better than other woolen clothes. This means that you can use the woolen clothes all year round, regardless of your activity.

Beautiful color!

I have become addicted to Lanullva for my extremely sensitive skin. I find most things itchy. But Lanullva's clothes certainly don't. That's why I wore a new sweater in a new color this time. A lovely arctic blue!!

– Jannicke Hanssen 30/09/23

Lovely sweater!

The only wool sweater my 13 year old son will wear. It is soft, warm and non-itchy. This is his second sweater. I have one myself too.

– Linn 12/08/23

The world's warmest knitting method

What makes the Lanullva experience so different is primarily the airy knitting method. Advanced tests show that this method of knitting provides a completely unique insulating ability. More air provides more insulation and better ventilation. Excess heat and sweat are easily transported out of the body and through the garment - so you stay dry and warm at all times.