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Armed with care, common sense and love for her husband Eilif - who always came home sweaty and chilled after forest and farm work, Brit pulled out all her knowledge and developed a woolen shirt in a completely new knitting method. By combining air with pure wool, she ensured that her beloved husband never froze again.

Brit gave the breathable wool underwear the name LANULLVA®. An abbreviation for lanolin, wool and warmth.

She would later win the Reodor Felgen Prize for her innovation. A revolutionary knitting pattern that ensures that the wool breathes and insulates. SINTEF later tested the wool clothing and confirmed Brit's claim - air must enter the garment, and together with pure wool, this will maintain a natural heat balance.

In 2006, Brit's daughter Gunn Anne Vinje Lyngstad took over the operation, who saw the enormous need for heat-regulating and functional wool garments for everyday use.

Today, we have a large selection of modern and comfortable wool garments knitted in the finest merino wool, from newborn to adult. The original and award-winning knitting method has been taken care of throughout to give you good warmth. Regardless of the weather, season and activity.

The way forward - The day Gunn Anne Vinje Lyngstad took over the family business and the Lanullva brand, it was not just the world's warmest knitting method that was passed down.

The family at Lyngstad had always been fond of animals and the very special nature of North-West Norway - it was therefore only natural that the production of woolen goods should take place in respect of values ​​such as renewables, the environment and good animal welfare.

In her search for the best suppliers of merino wool, Anne Gunn saw a lot of poor animal welfare on her travels around the world. There was also much that did not match within sheep farming and pure wool. Even major nations in sheep farming and wool production still treat their sheep poorly - in many places!

And how can you as a customer feel sure that the fine woolen jumper does not come from sheep that are in pain?

You don't have to worry about this when you buy from Lanullva. We put animal welfare as our highest priority when choosing partners, and the world's most sustainable and thoroughly serious wool producer carries the Nativa brand.

Mulesing-free wool - always

None of the farms Nativa works with practice the controversial treatment mulesing. This would be a breach of the comprehensive certification scheme.

Animal welfare and sustainable business model

100% traceable wool - all the way from the farm to you.

Nativa has its own protocol that goes further than any other, in terms of quality and certification of farms, management of nature, and
animal welfare. We love the collaboration with Nativa and "our" merino farmers in Uruguay.

We have been there, in this soft and beautiful landscape, and seen it ourselves. Not only are they kind to animals, plants and the surrounding nature - they also use advanced Blockchain technology to record everything they do during work.

The result is 100% traceability, from grazing to grooming, cutting, knitting and transport - to us and on to you. During 2021, all new Lanullva garments will be knitted with the world's finest Nativa merino wool, from the world's best and most satisfied sheep.

"Back to nature is the future" , said a proud sheep farmer to Gunn Anne. Thank you for coming along on the journey with us.

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