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In order for this website to function optimally, we occasionally send small files to your computer. These files are called cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, phone or tablet when you visit the website. Cookies help the website remember your settings (e.g.e.g. username, language and what you have in the shopping cart) for a certain period of time. The idea is that you should not need to change the settings every time you enter the website or browse between the various pages.

How do we use cookies?

On our pages, cookies are used to remember your settings. When navigating on Lanullva.no you give your consent to the use of cookies. We use both permanent and session cookies. Cookies are not absolutely necessary for the website to function, but they make it easier for you to navigate and search for information. You can remove or block cookies, but in that case you must be prepared that the website does not function optimally. Cookies are not used to identify you as a person. We use and allow cookies from a third party that help us monitor activity on the website and see which products have been displayed and how often. This information is also used to present interesting products in the advertisements. Like our own cookies, cookies from third parties do not collect any personal information. Only we and our partners have access to the information that is collected. We only use cookies for the purposes mentioned here.

How can I control cookies?

You can control and delete cookies exactly as you want. You can remove all cookies that are on your computer and you can set your browser so that it does not accept cookies. In that case, you may have to change certain settings every time you access a website and some services and functions may not work.


Data processor


Privacy protection with data processor

Delta Projects

Marketing tools that perform analysis and provide campaign insights through personalized advertising.

"Delta projects privacy policy"

DoubleClick / Remarketing

Advertising network provided by Google, which is used through advertisements for search and Google AdWords.

"Doubleclick privacy policy"

Google Analytics

Statistics and analysis tools used to provide technical insight to visitors to Lanullva.

"Google analytics privacy policy"

Facebook Pixel

Ads delivered via Facebook. Cookies via Pixel are used to measure the success of advertising campaigns via Facebook.

"Facebook privacy policy"


Issuer of newsletters and offers via e-mail.




Customer reviews for products.

"Lipscore privacy policy"

“Judge.me policy"


Integrated payment solution (checkout functionality) provided by Klarna.

"Klarna privacy policy"


Service that supplies the search engine that can be used on Lanullva.

"Algolia privacy policy"

Google Tag Manager

Tool for loading scripts and references from other data processors.

"Google privacy policy"






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