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Soft & warm merino wool

The knitting method keeps you warm and dry - Knitted in 100% merino wool

4.7/5 based on 25,530 reviews


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Vårt viktigste valg

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Lanullva X Nativa The day Gunn Anne Vinje Lyngstad took over the family business and the Lanullva brand, it wasn't just the world's warmest knitting method that was passed down....

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Drømmer du om vintertur med snødekte fjell, dansende nordlys og klare stjernenetter?

Do you dream of a winter trip with snow-covered mountains, dancing northern lights and clear starry nights?

Our ambassador, Oda Ramsdal, has completed both the Norway på langs and the Femund race.Learn how she dresses for great experiences in the winter mountains, even when the weather isn't looking...

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